Copy Blu-ray 3D 1:1

This tutorial will explain how you can use DVD-Ranger to copy a Blu-ray 3D movie disk 1:1 to a Blu-ray blank. Blu-ray 3D is authored completely different from a 2D Blu-ray movie disk. The video
data is physically interleaved on the disk and is indexed by SSIF files. Therefore it is of utmost importance to make a bit-exact copy from the original disk so the player can preload the video content well.

DVD-Ranger 4 – Download and install the latest version of DVD-Ranger
Decrypter – Download and install AnyDVD HD

Step 1: Source Blu-ray
Insert the Blu-ray into your Blu-ray drive.

Step 2: Selecting the Source
To make a Blu-ray 3D 1:1 copy make sure that the project tab “BD/DVD Player” is selected (1). From the “Select your Source” menu (2), choose the location and source of the Blu-ray 3D you are copying.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D 1:1 / Step 2

Step 3: Analysis
DVD-Ranger will now conduct a preliminary analysis of the disc. The window will close automatically once completed.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D 1:1 / Step 3

Step 4: Blu-ray 3D Dialog
The Blu-ray 3D copy dialog is different from other DVD-Ranger dialogs. This is because this mode needs a bit-exact reading of the original disk. In this dialog you can select:

Read Error correction (4)
We suggest to enable this option and leave the settings as delivered. You can change these options for older drives. Sometimes you have to disable the “Read error correction” because the drives may freeze.

Select the target you want to copy the Blu-ray 3D to (5) (6)
You can copy a Blu-ray 3D to another disk or an ISO file. You cannot copy it to a folder on hard disk. We suggest to copy to an ISO file and burn to disk if needed. You can select the
target device (7) or the path to the ISO file.

Start the copy process by click on “Start” (8). Stop the copy process by click on “Stop”.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D 1:1 / Step 4

Step 5: Burning Process
Once the copying has finished, DVD-Ranger will check the burning device that you selected to ensure that a valid, blank Blu-ray 25 is in place. If no blank disc is detected, the program will prompt you to insert one.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D 1:1 / Step 5

Step 6: Burn and Conclusion
Once a blank Blu-ray 25 has been detected in the proper drive, DVD-Ranger will burn the copied move to the disc. Clicking “Cancel” at any time will abort the process.

At the end of the burn, two new buttons will be activated. “Save Log” (9) will allow you to burn the project’s log file to disk for future use (such as sending it to our support team if problems have occured). “New Copy” will allow you to burn another copy to a second blank disc.

You can also save the project to an ISO disk image file. As we outlined in Step 5, there may be a chance that you selected the wrong recording device. Should this be the case, simply click “Change Device” (10), select “New Copy”, and the process will start again.
To close the dialogue box, simply click “Done” (11).

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D 1:1 / Step 6

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